Creed Elliotte to Annie Maud Pollard, September 17, 1955

Dear Annie Maud,

Your letter came some time ago. We were more than glad to hear from you and have thought of you numbers of times since you were here. We appreciate your visit -- it is hard to realize that we had not seen each other for so long, but glad all seemed well and happy.

Since you were here we have made two trips over in Campbell County, trying to locate your father's old home [William Booker Pollard, 1861-1900, son of Francis Pollard and Mary Ann Smith], and finally succeeded. We are enclosing snap-shots of the house... We went through the first floor and basement of the house. I had a vague recollection of how things were seventy years ago, when I would go there with my parents. I also went to the family graveyard but there were no markers at the old graves.

We are also enclosing a picture of Diamond Hill Presbyterian Church, which your father attended. The building is of brick and in a good state of preservation. It is a mile or so from the old home. Molly's Creek seemed so small that I could hardly recognize it. I hadn't seen it for seventy years.

The people who live in the place own it. They are Mr. & Mrs. W.D. Layne and five children, and are a typical farm family. They were very courteous and tried to help me in every way to be sure I was at the right place. Others in the neighborhood confirmed this to be the Holcomb-Pollard place.

We were sorry to learn that Cousin Maud was not feeling well and hope that she will soon recover. We regret that your visit was so limited that we did not have the time to go into more detail. We would thoroughly enjoy having all of you make a visit to see us when we could have the necessary time to visit the old home-place and Hat Creek which doubtless you remember well.

I suppose you will get this information around to the others, and if there is other information you wish I shall be glad to get it if it is possible.

Kindest regards to each of you.


C.C. Elliotte
O.C. Elliotte

His full name was Orthodox Creed Carrington Elliotte. The Asher sisters always refer to him as O.C., but he signed this letter twice, as C.C. and then as O.C., and added a postscript at the bottom: "Everyone calls me Creed, that is why I am not known as O.C."


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