Sue Brown Gillespie to Annie Maud Pollard, 1972

excerpts; some personal material omitted
Sue was the daughter of J.B. Council Brown and Mary Elliotte, brother of O.C. Elliotte

Thanks for your letter this morning. I will send it to Adele and she will appreciate your remarks about Uncle O.C. [Orthodox Creed Elliotte, 1880-1972]

The funeral was postponed from Monday until Tuesday morning, which gave Sonny and Adele more time for making arrangements. The funeral home at Appomattox handled details in a very dignified and helpful way. O.C. was buried in the Irving family cemetery near Pamplin, on land owned by Frank Irving, brother of Roxie, O.C.'s second wife, who died in 1958...

Miss Josephine (O.C.'s stepmother, Mrs. Hugh N. Elliotte, of Phenix) was not able to attend the funeral. She is 97, will be 98 in November, I believe. O.C.'s death was a great shock to her, he was always so good to her, as to all of us. She lives with a daughter, Mrs. Edw. Gilliam, and the "children" and grandchildren are devoted to her, as she is to them. She still crochets.

Julia Asher and Marian A. Fawcett, of Hat Creek (Brookneal R F D) came to the house on Sun. and Monday and to the funeral. They both seemed much better than when we saw them in Sept. Last year Marian had an especially bad time, staying in bed and in the house for weeks, because of arthritis. This time, she did the driving of the car.

Your letters and the call you made on O.C. some time ago gave him pleasure. He admired you very much. I hope you and Elizabeth will continue to have good health and enjoy your home there at High Point.


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Elizabeth Harris,