picture of Susan Brown 1919

  Susan Olivia Brown (1904-2002), called Sue, was the daughter of J.B. Council Brown and Mary (May) Elliotte, brother of O.C. Elliotte. This photograph was printed as a postcard but never mailed. On the back is written "Susan Olivia Brown, New Bern, N.C., about 1919-20."  
picture of William and Sue Gillespie

  Sue and her husband William Clarence Gillespie, Richmond VA, about 1945. It looks to me as though this picture was taken on the same snowy day as the one of Sue's mother with the cat (see below). However, note that the trees in the background are reversed. Which picture is correct, and which was printed backwards?  
picture of May Elliotte Brown and Walter Elliotte

  Sue's mother May Elliotte Brown and May's brother Walter P. Elliotte. Richmond, Va., probably taken in the 1940s.  
picture of May Elliotte Brown

  On the back of this picture is written "Mrs. May E. Brown & black cat, Richmond, Va., around 1945?"  
picture of Susan Brown Gillespie, 1969

  This photograph of Sue was taken in 1969. See my Hat Creek page for letters from Sue to my family, and other documents and correspondence.  

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