Fralick family of Orangeburg Co. SC

Martin Fralick was born about 1820 in South Carolina, where he married his first wife, Lizzie Jennings. She died before 1850, leaving him with two sons. In the 1850 census he and the two boys were living with his sister Catherine and her husband Daniel David Davis in Orangeburg Co. SC.

His second wife was Mary Valentine, with whom he was living in 1860 in SC. He served in the Confederate army from South Carolina but by 1870 was in Bradford Co. Florida with Mary and their children. Mary died in July 1870.

He appears in the Columbia Co. FL census in 1880 with third wife Sinthy A. (Cynthia?) and four children, the youngest of whom is age 10.

First Generation

Children of Martin Fralick and Lizzie Jennings
Charles Alex Fralick (ca. 1846-?)
Morgan Francis Fralick (1848-1915) m. Ellen R. Davis (d. 1922)

Possible children of Martin Fralick and Mary Valentine
Martha Fralick (ca. 1854-?)
Vastine or Vestine Fralick (ca. 1856-?)
Lenora Melbrit? Fralick (ca. 1858-?)
Jackson Fralick (ca. 1860-?)
Johnson Fralick (1865-1950) m. Mary Alice Markey
Hattie Fralick (ca. 1868-?)
Alexander or Robert Fralick (ca. 1869-?)
Charley or John Fralick (1870-?)

The names of the children in the 1870 and 1880 census records aren't completely consistent, but it would appear that Mary was the mother of at least 8 children, possibly more, and that the youngest, who appears in 1870 as Charley, age 1 month, was born shortly before she died. In 1880 his place is taken by John, age 10. Alexander, who was 1 in 1870, is replaced by Robert, age 12. I would be grateful for additions and corrections.

Second Generation

Children of Morgan Francis Fralick and Ellen R. Davis
Charles Clifford Fralick (1871-1936) m. Martha Idella Rutland (1875-1961)
Julius Daniel Fralick (1874-1938)
Annie A. Fralick (1878-?)
Catherine T. Fralick (1882-?)
M. Eugene Fralick (1883-1904)

Third Generation

Children of Charles Clifford Fralick and Martha Idella Rutland
Hampie McCall Fralick (1894-1958) m. Maude Lee Bloom (1897-1961)
Pearl Russell Fralick (1896-1951) m. Elise Smith
Nina Fralick (1897-1977) m. Willie Eugene Bonnett (1893-1954)
Lila Morgan Fralick (1901-1995) did not marry
Leurine Fralick (1904-1996) m. Marvin Oneal Bonnette (1908-1964)
Hollis Daniel Fralick (1907-1976) m. Madeline Carol
James Coy Fralick (1909-1993) m. Cleo Carol (1917-1999)
Hammond Geoffrey Fralick (1911-1999) m. Pearline C. Garrick (1909-1999)
Louise Verle Fralick (1914-1998)
Daniel D. Fralick (ca. 1916-?)
David T. Fralick (1919-1920)


Thanks to Peggy Miller and to Marsha Woody for information on this family.

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