Jerome Family in Connecticut

First Generation

Timothy Jerome was born in 1688, probably on the Isle of Wight, England. He immigrated about 1710, and probably married soon after his arrival. His wife was Abigail Rich (1687-1771), daughter of Nicholas Rich and Abigail Green of Salem and Wenham, Massachusetts. Timothy and Abigail's oldest child, Isabel, was reportedly born in Dorchester MA in 1710; the second child, Timothy, was born in 1713 in Windham CT. By 1717 the family was in Wallingford CT, where the remainder of the children were born. Timothy died in 1750 and is buried near Meriden CT.

Many family trees on line refer to Timothy as Timothy Chauncey Jerome. Although the name Chauncey later appears in his family, middle names were very uncommon this early, and I've never seen it in any primary documentation. I would appreciate it if someone could provide me wiith the evidence that he did in fact have a middle name.

Second Generation

Children of Timothy Jerome and Abigail Rich
Isabel Jerome (1710-?) m. Lazarus Ives
Timothy Jerome (1713-?) m. Ann Norton
Zerubbabel Jerome (1715-1783) m. 1) Sarah Cook (1716-1737), 2) Phoebe Cook (ca. 1714-?), Sarah's sister
William Jerome (171-?) m. Elizabeth Hart
Abigail Jerome (1719-?) m. Joseph Stone
Elizabeth Jerome (1722-?) m. John Adkins
Samuel Jerome (1728-?) m. Lucy Foster, moved to Stockbridge MA and later to NY.

Samuel Jerome is the ancestor of Jennie Jerome, mother of Winston Churchill.

Here, however, we follow the line of Zerubbabel Jerome, who moved to New Cambridge, now Bristol CT, about 1745 with his second wife, Phoebe Cook.

Third Generation

Children of Zerubbabel Jerome and Sarah Cook
Mary Jerome (died in childhood)

Children of Zerubbabel Jerome and Phoebe Cook
Mary Jerome (ca. 1739-?) m. Joseph Spencer
Robert Jerome (1741-?)
Thomas Jerome (1743-?) m. Mehitabel Hart (?; ca. 1740-1815)
Asahel Jerome (1745-?)
Phebe Jerome (ca. 1748-1776) m. Moses Dunbar (1746-1777; hanged as a traitor during the Revolution)
Chauncey Jerome
Jerusha Jerome m. Jonathan Pond
Ruth Jerome m. Steven Graves
Abigail Jerome m. John Lee
Zerubbabel Jerome m. Barbara Hart

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Jerome and Mehitabel Hart (?)
Thomas Jerome (1766-1837) m. Ruth Hill (ca. 1772-1853)
Mehitabel Jerome (ca. 1764-1848) m. Benjamin Hart
Sybil Jerome m. Ithuriel Hart

Thomas Jerome's wife was named in our family records as Mehitabel Hart, daughter of the Benjamin Hart whose parents were Hawkins Hart and Phebe Rich, but she is not listed as his child in the genealogy of the Hart family by Andrews. I have a suspicion that this may be a confusion of Thomas Jerome's daughter Mehitabel Jerome, who married a different Benjamin Hart. Can anyone help me on this question?

Fifth Generation

Children of Thomas Jerome and Ruth Hill
Thomas Jefferson Jerome
Arma Jerome
Hannah Jerome


Family notes from Annie Cora Jerome Bowers and from Ann Jerome Hanner Morse, including DAR and military service records

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