Julia Fleming's Mitochondrial DNA

Julia Fleming was born 31 Mar 1752 and died 28 Nov 1823. She married Church Ballentine (1752-1804) on September 5, 1782, in Southampton County, Virginia. This page traces descendants through her daughters.

Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is inherited from mother to child. Men have mtDNA, which they inherit from their mothers, but they don't pass it on to the next generation. Mutations in this DNA are rare, and it has therefore been used extensively to trace ancient migrations of populations, thousands of years ago. In general, it's less useful for genealogy than the more rapidly mutating Y-DNA, but there is still some information to be gained from it.

Julia Fleming is my earliest known female-line ancestor, so I have her mitochondrial DNA. Her mother, whoever she might have been, also had the same mtDNA sequence, and her mother's mother, and so on back. People who have exactly the same sequence are therefore related through their female ancestors, but the most recent common ancestor could be hundreds or even a few thousand years ago.

Since I've had my complete mtDNA sequence done, I think it's worthwhile offering this information to other female line cousins. On this page, I present what I know about Julia's female-line descendants. In contrast to my other genealogy pages, where I follow a single surname, here I trace only the daughters in each generation. I don't list sons, or daughters who I know died in childhood, and I have omitted 20th century descendants for privacy reasons. Please contact me if you're one of my mtDNA cousins, or if you can add any information.

I have solid data for most of Margaret Ballentine Cuthrell's descendants. My information on descendants of her sister Ann Ballentine Hobday comes mainly from on-line sources and has not been verified.

First Generation

Daughters of Julia Fleming and Church Ballentine
Margaret Ballentine (1783-1868) m. 1) Jesse Sikes (no known children), 2) Maximilian Cuthrell
Mary Ballentine (1789-1815). So far as I know, she did not marry.
Ann Ballentine (1794-?) m. William Howard Hobday

Second Generation

Daughters of Margaret Ballentine and Maximilian Cuthrell
Margaret Ann Cuthrell (1818-1910) m. 1) John Hudson Chinn, 2) James Nathaniel Brock
Eliza Frances Cuthrell (1825-) m. Josiah McCoy

Daughters of Ann Ballentine and William Howard Hobday
Julia Ann Hobday (1819- bef. 1910) m. 1) George T. Brooks, 2) Aaron Walker
Mildred Frances Hobday (1821-1898) m. James William Fleming
Mary Elizabeth Hobday (1827-1882) m. James W. Cluverius
Malvina Greene Hobday (1831-) m. William H. Williams
Virginia E. Hobday (1834-) m. William Revil Heywood
Emeline Matilda Hobday (1837-1917) m. John Randolph Cutchin

Third Generation

Daughters of Margaret Ann Cuthrell and John Hudson Chinn
Elizabeth Virginia Chinn (1840-1915) m. Samuel T. Naylor
Mary Eliza Chinn (1842-1917) m. William Lafayette Brown

Daughters of Margaret Ann Cuthrell and James Nathaniel Brock
Margaret Maria Brock (1859-1939) m. Charles Alexander Hartman
Emma Louise Brock (1863-1963) m. Richard Clingman Brown

Daughter of Eliza Frances Cuthrell and Josiah McCoy
Martha McCoy (ca. 1851-) m. Andy Morse

Daughters of Mildred Frances Hobday and James William Fleming
Virginia Frances Fleming (1851-1942) m. George William Moore
Annie Mildred Fleming (1857-1942) m. Charles Thomas Moore
Lucy Olivia Fleming (1859-1937) m. Samuel L. Riley

Daughter of Mary Elizabeth Hobday and James W. Cluverius
Mary H. Cluverius (1854-1932). Did she marry?

Daughters of Malvina Greene Hobday and William H. Williams
Frances Ann Williams (1854-1924) m. Joel Thomas
Ida B. Williams (1869-) m. Charles B. Fleming; several sons but apparently no daughters

Daughters of Emeline Matilda Hobday and John Randolph Cutchin
Lydia A. Cutchin (1859->1930) m. George Merdinger, apparently had no children
Mary A. Cutchin (ca. 1868-after 1880)
Ella B.Cutchin (ca. 1869-?)
Alice L. Cutchin (ca. 1871-?) m. ? Hart
Eva G. Cutchin (ca. 1877-?) m. J.D. Littlepage, no known children
Fannie Cutchin (ca. 1879-?)
Rosebud M. Cutchin (ca. 1880-?) m. Charles C. Ward

Fourth Generation

Daughters of Elizabeth Virginia Chinn and Samuel T. Naylor
Belzora F. Naylor (1861-?) m. Thomas L. Clingman
Marion A. Naylor (1868-1908) m. Lewis K. Smith
Margaret S. Naylor (1868-1920) m. Thomas Wharton Griffith
Viola Maud Naylor (1873-?) m. 1) James A. Taylor, 2) George E. Neis
Cora E. Naylor (1875-?) m. Robert Oscar Lyon
Abbey Georgetta Naylor (1877-?) m. John Monroe Beauchamp
Nell Florence Naylor (1878-?) did not marry
Martha Rose Naylor (1884-ca. 1913) m. Bert Trimble

Daughters of Mary Eliza Chinn and William Lafayette Brown
Margaret Maud Brown (1867-1957) m. William Booker Pollard
Mary Elizabeth Brown (1870-1927) m. William Carter Brown
Mabel Adams Brown (1871-1947) m. Willam Jacob Wolff
Emma Florence Brown (1875-1957) m. Thomas Venable Edmunds
Gertrude Katrina Brown (1877-1964) m. Frank Carter Spencer
Letitia Chinn Brown (1880-1931) m. 1) Conrad H. Lemly, 2) Cary Lewis Carroll
Amanda Brown (1882-1928) did not marry
Delphine Brown (1885-1966) did not marry

Daughters of Margaret Maria Brock and Charles Alexander Hartman
Marjorie Elizabeth Hartman (1889-1990)
Mary Nell Hartman (1894-1981)

Daughters of Emma Louise Brock and Richard Clingman Brown
Kate Brown (1887-1983)
Margaret Brown (1893-1974)

Daughters of Virginia Frances Fleming and George William Moore
Mary Lelia Moore (1877-1957)
Annie Garrett Moore (1880-1962)
Susan Emily Moore (1884-1971)

Daughters of Annie Mildred Fleming and Charles Thomas Moore
Lucy Frances Moore (1882-1911)
Annie Wilimouth Moore (1887-?)

Daughters of Lucy Olivia Fleming and Samuel L. Riley
Hazel Olivia Riley (1885-1958)
Mildred Tabitha Riley (1893-1932)
Ada Clementine Riley (1898-1981)

Daughters of Frances Ann Williams and Joel Thomas
Sarah Ruth Thomas
Mary Estelle Thomas (1888-1966)
Nancy Flournoy Thomas (1894-1973)

Daughter of Alice L. Cutchin and ?? Hart
Matilda A. Hart (ca. 1907-?)

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