Pickard family of Orange County NC

John Pickard was probably born about 1730 and died in Orange Co. NC after 15 Feb 1812 (the date of his will). Many on-line trees give his birthplace as Rowley, Massachusetts, but I suspect that this may be a confusion with another person of the same name. Another possibility is that he is the John Pickert who was born in 1723 in Schoharie County, New York and first married Anna Rosina Countryman. Culpeper Co. VA and Bute Co. NC are also mentioned in some files. If anyone has documentation proving, or disproving, either birthplace, I would be very interested in seeing it.

The names and birthdates of his children are also questionable, so I am not repeating the list here. For example, there are several files on WorldConnect that make John and Margaret the father of a Catherine Pickard born in 1720 in New Jersey, or in Tennessee (which didn't exist for another 75 years!) In my opinion, the files on this family on WorldConnect, the LDS Ancestral File, World Family Tree etc. are unusually bad, full of impossible dates, unlikely moves, and other obvious errors.

I do have confirmation (thank you, Katie Johnston and Hal McCawley!) that John's second wife Margaret Whatley was the mother of Daniel Pickard, born about 1790 in Orange Co. NC.

Daniel Pickard married Margaret O'Daniel in 1813.

First Generation

Children of Daniel Pickard and Margaret O'Daniel
Jane Pickard m. Joshua Dixon
Margaret Pickard m. James Perry
Martha Pickard m. William Perry
Nancy Pickard m. James Griffin
Susan Pickard m. William Teague
Catherine Pickard (1813-1879) m. Howell Gilliam (1812-1879)
Sarah Pickard (1820-1891) m. Uriah Solomon Hinshaw (1822-1888)
William H. Pickard (1831-1885) m. Polly Branson (1833-1898)


Thanks to Carlton Mansfield for the initial information on Daniel Pickard, and to Hal McCawley for the list of all Daniel's children and their spouses.

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