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My information on this family comes from various on-line files and has not been verified. Some of the information in WorldConnect and Ancestry is obviously faulty, and I have tried to choose from files in which dates and relationships are at least reasonable and mutually consistent. A couple of the better sites reference family group sheets in the Randolph County library, but I haven't seen these myself, or determined how good the documentation is.

First Generation

Most accounts state that Jeremiah York was the immigrant ancestor, but accounts differ on when and where he was born. Some accounts say Olney, Buckinghamshire, based on a parish baptismal record in 1683 for a child of that name, son of Richard Yorke and Ann Seymour. The arguments in favor of this are spelled out on a web page from the Allred Family Organization, by Diane Sanfilippo:


As summarized on this page, this would account for Jeremiah's naming a son Semore or Seymour, without having to invoke that as a maiden name for Jeremiah's wife (for which there seems to be no documentation).

This is the best critical analysis that I have seen of the records pertaining to Jeremiah.

Second Generation

Jeremiah's son Semore York is said to have been born in Maryland about 1727, and died in 1783 in Randolph Co. NC. His will was dated 28 Jan 1782, and proved in March 1783. His wife was probably Sylvania Aldridge, said to be the daughter of William Aldridge and Elizabeth Symons.

Jeff Duskin's web site lists Semore's children and provides a transcription of his will.

Third Generation

Semore's son Jeremiah York was born about 1753. There is conflicting information on his death date; 1827, 1832 and 1835 have all been mentioned.

He married Sarah Allred, whose parents are uncertain.

Fourth Generation

Sarah York, probably a daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah, was born about 1787 in Randolph Co. NC and died in Chatham Co. NC after 1870. Allred family information states that she married Thomas Allred on 9 Apr 1803 in the home of her father Jeremiah York.

There is a marriage record for a Sarah York to Daniel Underwood, 29 Apr 1809, Randolph Co. NC that is sometimes listed as a second marriage for this Sarah, but this is incompatible with the marriage to Thomas Allred and birth of their son J. Kingsbury Allred in 1814. I think the Underwood marriage must be a different Sarah.

Thomas Allred died in January 1860. In the 1860 census Sarah was living with her son J. Kingsbury Allred in Chatham County, and in 1870 was in the household adjacent to his.

Another prevalent error in online trees is that Sarah died in 1858. I have no idea what the source of this information is, but it is inconsistent with the census records cited above.



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